Private Sessions

Private Sessions

There are subtle energy fields that emanate through all living things, and pulsate with information. With her highly developed energy medicine skills and intuition, Marie can look, listen and feel people’s energy fields, allowing her to gather and interpret information about their whole beings. With that awareness, she can facilitate a shift in the energy field itself. Most people experience an increased sense of well-being, which manifests in many ways, such as an expansion of conscious awareness, a shift in self-defeating patterns, leading to a fresh perspective on one’s life. Marie believes that everyone is their own best healer.

First sessions are an hour and a half in length. Follow-up sessions are typically an hour in length; however, an additional half hour can be requested. Please let her office know of any serious health issues you might have. Marie does prioritize her waiting list based on people’s health concerns.

Marie’s current fee for established clients is $275 for an hour long session. New client sessions are $415 per 90-minute session.

New client sessions for children from infancy to age nine are generally 30-45 minutes in length at the rate of $137 per 30-minute session and $205.40 per 45-minute session. New sessions for children ages 10-16 are generally an hour in length at the rate of $275. For children 17 years of age and older, regular rates apply.

Marie sees clients in a tranquil setting and conducts her sessions while clients relax on a massage table. Sessions are audio recorded. Marie’s clients include children as well as adults. Distance sessions over the phone and video sessions through Skype are available for those living outside the greater Seattle area.

To schedule a private session, please call 1-425-485-8813 or contact us via email at