Marie’s Events in 2014

Discovering & Dissolving Blockages to Health

You may have had a time in your life when you desperately needed a new way to look at a situation in order to reduce conflict or create change. Perhaps you meditated, prayed, or asked others for their advice to discover a peaceful resolution. What you really did in that moment, is move energy particles by becoming curious to something new, even if you had no idea what that something was. Shifting energy breaks away patterns, and allows everything to become new. Within the birth of new energy anything is possible— even healing from a difficult disease. Join me for this a 2 ½ day course to discover how to unravel old patterns and return to your authentic nature.

Date: October 24th – 26th 2014

Fee: CA$295

LocationHollyhock – Vancouver, BC
 Hollyhock Room
163 West Hastings
Vancouver BC, V6B 1H5
1-800-933-6339 Ext: 232

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