Marie’s Events in 2015

Following are Marie’s classes, workshops, interviews and book signings in 2015. Please call her office at (425) 485-8813 to register or add an event to your Shopping Cart.

Reiki Workshop - March 27th – 29th 2015

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing modality that restores lost energy, balance and harmony within. Reiki is Marie’s favorite energetic modality. Her individual approach to healing utilizes Reiki and has assisted thousands on a path towards wellness.

Reiki is an easy, healing tool to help family members, even pets! It is rapidly becoming a necessary and sought after technique for health care professionals with the desire to help individuals find a deeper place of healing.

This two and a half day workshop will attune you to all three levels of Reiki, including the Master level; the necessary attunement to teach Reiki to others. Attunements will increase your body’s vibrational frequency, allowing you to expand your emotional healing and spiritual growth as well as promote change in the body on a cellular level. In the process of receiving the attunements, there will be guided meditations to deepen your intuitive awareness as well as time for hands-on work.  Marie will also discuss the Chakra system, which plays an essential role in our health. Additionally, Marie will share her personal insights on energy medicine for anatomy and the reasons behind illness, including how and why energy medicine can help people heal.

Marie believes that illness is attributed to un-healed emotional issues that are mostly unconscious. Throughout the workshop she will assist participants in understanding how to transmute these issues and to use intention, the greatest tool for wellness, to heal all areas of human life.   Having mentored several hundred healers, Marie will happily share her theories, experiences and provide readings for the weekend participants.

Date: March 27th – March 29th 2015
Time: Fri: 7:00 PM – 9:30 PM, Sat & Sun: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Fee: Weekend: $800 / Lunch included

Location: Hyatt House – Redmond
15785 Bear Creek Pkwy NE Redmond, Washington, 98052
Hotel Phone Number: (425) 497-2000

Travel: If you need assistance with accommodations, please call (425) 825-5671.

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Healing Your Body Intuitively

You have the capacity to receive, interpret and successfully use your senses to heal your body. In this intuitive workshop, learn the skills needed to harness this ability and achieve better health and well-being. Marie will teach you how to interpret your body’s messages and transmute stagnant energy into profound healing. Discover how your energy system directly affects your organs, and learn how to effectively communicate with those organs to self-heal. Through guided meditation, intuitive readings, and hands-on exercises, you come to understand the relationship between energy movement and emotional health, and gain skill in the practice of body scanning.
Date: June 19th – June 21st 2015
Time: Fri: 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM, Sat: 9:00 AM – Noon; 2:30 PM – 5:00 PM, Sun: 9:00 AM – Noon

Fee: $315 (Non-member), $285 (Member)

Location: Omega – Rhinebeck, NY
150 Lake Drive
Rhinebeck, NY 12572

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Perception is Everything – Cortes Island

Your life, as it is right now, is manifesting solely by how you perceive it. The state of your health, money, love, and happiness is a perfect reflection of your current consciousness of self. Discover a felt knowing that EVERYTHING in the Universe is made up of subatomic particles. All particles respond to our perception and each of us has the power to change our perception, hence move particles and literally change personal outcomes.

Many people, unaware of their true gifts and magnificence, maintain a limited insight of who they are, afraid they will lose what they have. Experience a change in your reality and an increased awareness of your true essence, identifying your unique gifts and life purpose.


Date: June 29th – July 3rd 2015
Fee: $495 CDN / 4 nights (meals & accommodation extra)

Location: Hollyhock – Cortes Island
1-800-933-6339 Ext: 232

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Anatomy for Energy Medicine – Vancouver

Learn how to create and maintain amazing health through vibrational awareness. Every organ and physiological function in your body has an energetic frequency. If the frequency becomes compromised, disease can enter the area. Learn to recognize and create a vibrant frequency for your body and all its systems.

Through lecture, discussion and exercises, learn about and discuss the function (from an energy medicine perception) of primary organs and systems (kidneys, heart, liver, Krebs cycle and insulin production) and the emotions associated with them. As you learn, you begin to feel into your current relationship with your body, and the best way to connect emotionally to your organs. You’ll become more aware of the physical feeling of different frequencies (high, moderate and low) in order to identify where you vibrate your energy and explore ways to change the energy frequency in your body and throughout your thoughts and emotions for greater well-being.

Date: October 23th – 25th 201543
Fee: $295 CDN

LocationHollyhock – Vancouver, BC
Hollyhock Room
163 West Hastings
Vancouver BC, V6B 1H5
1-800-933-6339 Ext: 232

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