Mentoring Program

Mentoring Program

In 2007, Marie began teaching others how to better connect to their intuition and use healing modalities more effectively. Her mentoring program is geared for those who have an energy medicine practice or who wish to create a practice.

Marie offers a first-year program and a second year program for those who wish to continue. First-year students meet once a month for 12 months. It is required that students attend each class in person. Mentoring classes are held in the Seattle area.

The year is divided into four areas of concentration:

  • Anatomy for Healers
  • Intuition
  • Care of the Client
  • Care of the Healer

Participants are selected through an application process. All applicants must have studied and earned a certificate in an energy healing modality curriculum; similar to but not limited to: Reiki, Healing Touch, or Body Talk.

If you are interested in Marie’s mentoring program, please click the following links for information regarding tuition, deadlines and the application.

Below are testimonials about the programs from graduates. To the right, you can find contact information for Marie’s second-year mentoring graduates!

Being a part of Marie’s Mentoring Program was transformational in my life. Doing the inner work that this program requires along with building lifelong relationships with my fellow classmates has changed me beyond measure. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to be part of this amazing process in my journey into consciousness.

Mira Torres,
Life Empowerment Coach

Being in Marie’s Mentoring Program opened me to experience the authentic healer that I am. Continually guiding me back to inner vision, opening me to my own unique expression and gifts. Unbelievably liberating to be so fully supported by Marie and the group so that I could blossom into the healer I am here to be!

Meg Haggerty, HTP, RM
Intuitive Energy Practitioner

With gentle and loving guidance Marie’s Mentoring Program thins the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds, bringing forth your unique intuitive abilities. Yet she challenges students to go deep within themselves to uncover and work through our layers of fear, anger and grief which hold us back from realizing our true nature and potential – that we are all beautiful, infinite and powerful beings of love and light with unlimited possibilities. And when we heal ourselves in this manner we can heal others. It’s some of the most important work you’ll do in this lifetime!

Steve Birnbaum
First Year Graduate

Marie’s Mentoring Program was the best gift I’ve ever given myself! My intuition and healing abilities were strengthened and I was able to confirm my passion and purpose. I am now able to do the work that I love and my business is thriving! The lifelong friends I have made are an added bonus! Marie is a loving teacher and I am forever grateful for the opportunity to have participated in this life changing and transformational experience.

Laura Young
Intuitive Healer & Coach