What If – May 2017

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What If – May 2017

What if you could change anything in your life, including your health, simply by training your mind to ask curious questions based in positivity vs. fearful questions filled with worry? The human mind is capable and powerful. Its influence can … Continue reading

Energy Pulse / Mystic Moment – May 2017

Mystic Moment: Are You More Than You Think? Thinking outside of the box is critical to changing the way you see yourself. One of my favorite exercises to unearth more of the authentic self, is to ask the following questions … Continue reading

Ask Marie – May 2017

Hi Marie — Thank you for what you do – I’m reading your book on intuitive healing and learning about the brand new world of human energy, which is very foreign to my upbringing. 🙂 Quick question for you regarding … Continue reading

Letting Go When Everything is Telling You to HOLD ON

I like to think of myself as the queen of letting go. I have practiced the art of letting go for many years, can sense the signs of holding on, and have learned to move through grief in order to … Continue reading

Energy Pulse – December 2016

Looking to navigate the holidays skillfully so you don’t end up exhausted? Want to start 2017 feeling fresh and strong? Created by Cassandra Marcella Metzler, founder of Wellspring Stones, this free 2016 Holiday Survival Guide will help you: *Learn how … Continue reading

Ask Marie – December 2016

Hi Marie! I absolutely love you and your show. I called in once and you told me that my strongest gift were my emotions… I wondered what you meant by that. I am feeling confused about what my purpose is … Continue reading

How To Take Back Your Energy

Most likely you have people in your life who make you feel happy. And when you spend time with them the happy feelings build. This is a positive message from your human energy system telling you that you and this … Continue reading

Mystic Moment – August 2016

Do you want to see your own chakras? Great – I thought so! Believe it or not, one of the best ways to view your chakra system is to imagine it. Creative visualization is a legitimate technique that will inspire … Continue reading

Ask Marie – August 2016

I attended your wonderful Mystic Career Development workshop this past spring and want to say thanks for energetically shaking things up for me and shining new perspectives on my work. But something unexpected happened after the class. You pointed out … Continue reading

What is the Meaning of Life?

One of the most popular questions I’m asked during private sessions, workshops or while on the radio is “what is my life purpose?” I often feel that this question and the one I’m answering here are divinely linked; braiding a … Continue reading