Stay in Your Own Lane – August 2017

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Stay in Your Own Lane – August 2017

So, you’re an empath. Easily feeling what others feel, distracting you from your own personal adventure. Confused about the direction of your life. Overly stimulated by sad stories, the news, or your perception of your “lonely” pet while you were … Continue reading

Mystic Moment/Energy Pulse – August 2017

Mystic Moment: I recently ran across information about Forest Bathing; a celebrated Japanese healing modality that requires no hiking, counting steps, or fit bit. Essentially, forest bathing requires all your senses, and very little motor skills, while you bath in … Continue reading

Ask Marie – August 2017

Dear Marie, I am energetically sensitive and an empath.  Modern technology is challenging to use.  Touch screens on smartphones & iPads literally cause my fingers to hurt for hours after a handful of taps. Just turning these devices on is … Continue reading