Usher in the Life You Deserve

Monthly Archives: March 2015

Usher in the Life You Deserve

While I was on my regular morning walk, I spied on my wondering thoughts, only to discover that they were preparing me for undesirable events. You know – those kinds of ideas that have nothing to do with the moment … Continue reading

Ask Marie- March 2015

Hi Marie, What advice/insight do you have about time? I feel as though it’s truly flying and the speed is only increasing. I know how precious this incarnation is – and I want to fully respect and savor it. Thank … Continue reading

March Mystic Moment / Energy Pulse

Mystic Moment: Your loved ones living on the Otherside, can see, hear and feel you at any moment; no medium is required!  Your departed friends and family’s love for you, makes it possible to experience them here in the physical. … Continue reading