Mystic Moment and Energy Pulse

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Mystic Moment and Energy Pulse

Mystic Moment ~ Since December 2012, we have invited a new quickening of energy onto the planet.  Fortunately it has been taking root, causing me to notice many of my clients moving through difficult and stuck emotions. Some of them … Continue reading

The Eye of Your Emotions

Article by Kadian Grant – Your existence here on earth consist of an emotional life, a thinking life, a physical life and a spiritual life. The force and the fuel for the latter three is the emotional life.  Your existence … Continue reading

The Vibration of Health

The body, and all its integral parts, pulse’s a frequency that determines the constitution of your health. You might not be aware of this internal hum; vibrating instruction into trillions of your cells that make up the human body. But … Continue reading

Ask Marie – August 7, 2014

Have a question for Marie? She answers questions written into her website in her quarterly newsletter. As an Intuitive, Marie is able to read the energy of the author and gain intuitive information to answer the questions regardless if she has ever met the … Continue reading