Fear, Your Worst Enemy or Best Friend?

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Fear, Your Worst Enemy or Best Friend?

Many years ago, fear was an emotion needed to navigate life’s adventures. Especially when we used to hunt for prey up close and personal, armed only with a big stick. Our true comrade during these situations—the adrenal glands—released life-saving hormones that … Continue reading

Mystic Moment & Energy Pulse

Mystic Moment Each part of nature is here to live out an energetic life in the outdoors, but also reminds humans how deeply they are loved. The next time you’re near grass, a tree, or gorgeous summer flowers, consciously absorb … Continue reading

Ask Marie – July 2013

Have a question for Marie? She answers questions written into her website inher quarterly newsletter. As an Intuitive, Marie is able to read the energy of the author and gain intuitive information to answer the questions regardless if she has ever met … Continue reading